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44. Does God Care about your Dreams with Bridgette Cameron Ridenour

June 04, 2023 Bridgette Cameron Ridenour Season 3 Episode 44
Ordinary People Extraordinary Things
44. Does God Care about your Dreams with Bridgette Cameron Ridenour
Show Notes

Bridgette is the sister of famous actors Candace Cameron Bure & Kirk Cameron.
 - We talk about what happens when God makes you wait for your dreams to come true.
 - How does it feel when someone you love gets the job you want?

Bridgette candidly talks about waiting on God’s calling & purpose.
 🎭 “God started my story when I was a little girl, back when I was told ‘No’ by the Hollywood agent.”
 🎭 “There were so many years growing up that I’d watch Kirk & Candace - their careers grow, working, & doing all the things I wanted to do, and there was a part of me that was jealous. There was a part that was angry. 
My siblings & I are very, very close. We have a very wonderful, wonderful relationship. 
But why did they get it & not me?”

On the day of a tragic car accident Bridgette felt God saying to her… 🚗 
“Bridgette, all those years that you wondered and questioned - why haven’t I used you - why haven’t I used your gifts? Why did you forget about me? 
God said…I’ve never forgotten about you. I’ve given you your gifts & talents. I have plans for you. You have to trust me that in my timing, my timing is perfect, and I will use you, but you need to trust me.”

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