Ordinary People Extraordinary Things

49. Giving Back with Angelia Anderson

August 20, 2023 Angelia Anderson Season 3 Episode 49
Ordinary People Extraordinary Things
49. Giving Back with Angelia Anderson
Show Notes

Angelia truly lives her life for Jesus
 “Sometimes we don’t get to see the increase of the seeds that have been planted in others’ lives, but I believe God gets the increase if we keep doing what He said for us to do. That’s the blessing. That’s the Peace that passes all understanding & the Joy that you can’t explain. It’s given to you - not on your works, but about your Love & your Will to be keep being His Hands & Feet.”

If you’re asking the Question: What does God want me to do?
      - “Do something - Do something!”
      - “Once you start planting those seeds it’s hard to stop doing it.”
      - “We look at what we’re giving, instead of looking at what we’re getting.”

Why is the church in America declining?
      - “We want to be people pleasers instead of God pleasers.”
     - “People are going to speak positive or negative. If you’re a people pleasing person, you can never please everyone.”
      - “Serve like the Word says to serve.”

*** “I’m grateful that I get to lift up the name of Jesus & I get to share my faith & hope with others. There’s no greater reward than that.”

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