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51. Real Self-care with Brit Vinduska

September 17, 2023 Brit Vinduska Season 3 Episode 51
Ordinary People Extraordinary Things
51. Real Self-care with Brit Vinduska
Show Notes

Have you ever struggled with self-care: 

-What it is

-How to do it

-What actually fills you up

-What the Bible says about it?

If so, this podcast is for you!

Here’s a little glimpse of what Brit shares…

“Why do we need self-care? How did we get to the exhaustion point?
Am I worried about things I shouldn’t be worried about? What is the root cause of this?

Many times the root case is an identity or trust issue. 
And a pedicure is not going to cure that. Get a pedicure, but it may not fill you the way you need to be filled.

When I’m still for a while and really sit with the Lord - that has filled me up in a way nothing else can.”

A few Bible verses we mention about self-care
Luke 6:12
Luke 5:16
John 6:15
Mark 3:7-9

“Somebody to You” song 🎶

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