Ordinary People Extraordinary Things

52. Don’t Worry with Hanh Dugan

October 01, 2023 Hanh Dugan Season 3 Episode 52
Ordinary People Extraordinary Things
52. Don’t Worry with Hanh Dugan
Show Notes

Hanh truly optimizes forgiveness & not worrying even though her life has not been easy….
💔Parents abandoned her at 14 years old
💔14 - 19 years old lived in a car
💔Taken advantage of by loved ones
💔Husband taking his own life
💔Losing eye sight 

Hanh has a gift to see the best in people. 🎁 
 “I give opportunities to people who don’t deserve it.”

How can you come back to God after such a long time?
✝️ “God wants you.”
✝️ “There’s no such thing as being too late or too early to dive in & bring God into your life.” 
✝️ “God was always there with me. He never left me - even when I didn’t believe.”

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