Ordinary People Extraordinary Things

54. Modern Day Miracle with Kristie Rossi

November 19, 2023 Kristie Rossi Season 4 Episode 54
Ordinary People Extraordinary Things
54. Modern Day Miracle with Kristie Rossi
Show Notes

9-year-old Kallie was diagnosed with cancer, but wait….the Cancer is GONE!

Kristie shares Walking through Cancer with her daughter, Lessons learned, & Receiving a Miracle!


💔 “Oh, I don’t want that.” Kallie said when she found out she had cancer.

💔 “Dealing with cancer forced me to slow down.”

💔 “I was never mad at God. At the end of the day He’s still good.”

💔 “I hate relying on people for help, but I had to.”

🙏“People I never even met at church came up & said, “we’re praying for you & your daughter.””

🙏 “That’s when I changed how I prayed to God. Instead of, please don’t let it be this, it was, whatever this is, I know You have a plan. I know You know what it is. I need You to give me the strength & guidance to deal with this.”

🙏 “There’s always a belief in prayer & the power of prayer & it’s hard to trust in that - does it work? I lived that. I do believe in prayer.”


❤️ “If I say yes to things I ask, is that brining value or am I saying yes because it’s what I’ve always done & been the one to help.”

❤️ “I have witnessed the power of prayer, so I’m going to return that. Maybe my one, little prayer will help.”

❤️ “We ended up to a great ending to our story & a miracle.”

❤️ “I have a new outlook on life.”

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