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56. Journaling to Walk through Loss with Becky Kirk

December 03, 2023 Becky Kirk Season 4 Episode 56
Ordinary People Extraordinary Things
56. Journaling to Walk through Loss with Becky Kirk
Show Notes

No matter where you are & what you’re going through - Becky’s story will impact you & you will walk away with new insights to implement in your life today.

✍️Forgiveness: “I had to forgive him. It wasn’t going to bring my mom back. It wasn’t going to restore everything that was lost. Definitely wasn’t going to restore our relationship - it was going to make it worse. There was nothing good that was going to come out of me holding on to that.”

✍️Journaling: “I would start writing out the Word of God.”

✍️Grief: “We connect with each other through our brokenness & we connect through the Lord with our brokenness.”

✍️More of Becky & her writings…

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