Ordinary People Extraordinary Things

60. A Raye of Hope out of Tragedy with Christy Schultz

December 31, 2023 Christy Schultz Season 4 Episode 60
Ordinary People Extraordinary Things
60. A Raye of Hope out of Tragedy with Christy Schultz
Show Notes

Sammie passed away July 2020, the day after her 15th birthday, after a car accident BUT out of Tragedy came
Sammie’s Sunshine: Offering a Raye of Hope

Here’s just a few things you’ll hear from Christy… 

💬 “I prayed to God: I wanted His will to be done, which is super hard knowing His will might not be your will.” 

💬 “Time doesn’t make it better. Better is not the right word. It becomes a part of your everyday life. You learn to move around it.” 

💬 “I try to let Him be the one running the show - but it’s really hard.” 


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