Ordinary People Extraordinary Things

61. Finding Family, a Fun Adoption Story with Jeseray Lear

January 14, 2024 Jeseray Lear Season 4 Episode 61
Ordinary People Extraordinary Things
61. Finding Family, a Fun Adoption Story with Jeseray Lear
Show Notes

➡️ Jeseray is a fantastic storyteller - you will go through the emotions with her as she takes you on the 40+ year journey to find her brother.

➡️ “My mom was very open that she was not able to give him the life she wanted, so he was put up for adoption.
I tried looking for him - I couldn’t find him.
I would try, wouldn’t get anywhere, and would give up.
Maybe he’s not even alive. Maybe he doesn’t want to be found. Maybe I’m not meant to find my brother. I had this very strong moment - it’s ok if I don’t find my brother.

Then began the waiting process….

That shock is real. This is my brother - this is my brother! I never thought I would find my brother!
You’re real. You’re here. This is not a moment I ever thought I would get.
Grateful is the easiest word to use - but doesn’t even begin to describe it.”

➡️ “I think one of the hardest things was - because I did have a traumatic relationship with my mom for a lot of my adult life, even after I got through the grief of her passing. My mom isn’t someone I look up to. My mom isn’t someone I model my parenting after. When his mom said, “We prayed and are thankful fo your mom every day.” That was hard. That was hard to hear someone say, “We loved your mom, we prayed for your mom, we’re thankful for her, and we’re so blessed by her.” Because that’s not the experience I got. It really changed my view of my mom. It made me dig deeper. It made me appreciate her a little more.”

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