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64. Football & Faith with Teen Jocelyn Huntsman

February 04, 2024 Jocelyn Huntsman Season 4 Episode 64
Ordinary People Extraordinary Things
64. Football & Faith with Teen Jocelyn Huntsman
Show Notes

Jocelyn is in high school & plays Women’s semi-pro Tackle Football for Mile High Blaze

  • We talk playing semi-pro football:

🏈“I try to use sports to lead other people to faith.”
🏈“I don’t know where you are in your faith. All I know is it’s my job to help you know you have a greater purpose than whatever sport you are in or whatever academic you’re in.”
🏈“Even though football is what I’m most passionate about - this is not what defines me.”

  • We talk revival in youth:

🏈“I’m so excited to see what my generation has coming for us. There’s so much to be done that my generation can do.”
🏈“There are so many ideas of what love is now & there are so many people & teens that don’t know what love is or how to be understood - so many teens around me have found that they don’t have to understand everything to understand God is love. And they don’t have to understand everything to know what God has done for us is love.”

  • We talk how adults see teens:

🏈“Just because we’re younger & we have less experience doesn’t mean the experiences we’ve gone through aren’t what’s driving us.”
🏈“Your faith with God comes from your walk with Him & not your age.”

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