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65. Lessons learned in Hospice with Joe Burns

February 11, 2024 Joe Burns Season 4 Episode 65
Ordinary People Extraordinary Things
65. Lessons learned in Hospice with Joe Burns
Show Notes

I have been wanting to do this topic for years & here it is! 
We tackle some hard, good questions in this episode…

❓Why are people afraid of death?

❓What lessons have you learned from being a hospice chaplain?

❓Why does God allow suffering?

Joe is an eloquent speaker & has so much knowledge to share - here’s just a few things you’ll hear:

🗣️“Part of what we do in hospice is try to normalize the dying process as being mortal. It’s something that’s going to happen, so how can I embrace it rather than run from it.”

🗣️“This is a sacred journey - it’s very holy work.”

🗣️“The roads people have been down - you never know until you get to know them & talk to them.”

🗣️“Every single one of these people are a child of God. They are a unique creation. They have had an entire journey.”

🗣️“Dying is their space between heaven & earth.”

🗣️“A lesson I’ve learned is to really, really love people’s stories.”

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